Grilling can be pretty fun when you want to spend your time eating delicious food with your family or friends. The experience of grilling in itself is amazing. If you want to prepare home-made grilled food items, then you need to get a good quality griller at home. If you aren’t able to choose a particular product due to the abundance of grillers in the market, then you can look for the best grills under 300.

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 How to find the perfect grill under 300?

  • How big a cooking surface is required?

Can you cook different stuff on the same grill at the same time? If yes, then that can be awesome when you have to prepare different cuisines. The people with big families can get a grill with a bigger cooking surface. When you have a small family, then a smaller grill would be enough to get the work done.

  • Which kind of grilling do you prefer?

Do you get the work done faster or slower? It is necessary that you know about your grilling needs so that it can be easier for you to find the right product. Heat control and temperature are a few important factors which you should keep in your mind while looking for a grill.

  • How often would you use the grill?

You should know the regularity of using the grills, and this will let you find one of the best grills under 300. Will you use it daily or occasionally? You might need to get different grills as per your requirement.

  • Are you willing to pay more?

Do you want an affordable grill, or are you ready to pay more money? If you can pay more, then you are more likely to find better options when you can pay a little bit extra amount for the product.

  • Will you get a warranty?

It would be best if you can get a warranty because it will help you to get sure about the quality of the product. It is crucial that you check the warranty on the product before buying it. There can be anything wrong with the grill, but if you have a warranty, then the manufacturer will get you covered.

Tips to avoid mistakes while buying a grill!

Avoid mistakes while buying a grill

Before you are buying a grill for yourself, you must avoid certain mistakes. If you will be aware of the common mistakes made by the customers while purchasing grills, then it would be easier for you to buy the appropriate product for yourself.

  • Think of the storage

You need to check out the storage option because it plays a major role in a grill. The product shouldn’t acquire too much space if you don’t have that much area to put it. If you have a lot of space in your home, then you can get a bigger product.

  • Portability

You need to check the portability if you want to take it from one place to another. Portable grills can be fun because you can take them on a picnic or can shift to different places without any problem.

  • Durability and assembly

You need to know if the product is durable enough. If it is made from high-quality construction, then you can invest in it without thinking much. You also need to look at the assembly of the product so that you can be sure about this purchase.

Comparison Table of Top 10 Grills Under 300

After knowing the tips, there are lesser chances that you will make any mistake while purchasing a grill. You must remember all the above points while you are choosing between different products.

    1. Cuisinart propane grill

    It can be difficult to order grilled food from a restaurant always. You don’t even know about the hygiene measures of all restaurants, and that’s why cooking healthier food at home is best. You can get the grill which can meet all your requirements. This product has got steel grate for cooking food. With the 146 square inches of area, it would be easy for the users to cook food on this product. It will be quite easy to clean it even after you finish cooking the food.

    The compact design of this product will make it easier for you to take it anywhere. You can also take it with you during a picnic or travel. It won’t need any kind of assembly, and it would be easy for beginners to operate this grill. The locking lid will allow you to shift grillers from one place to another quickly. There is a drip tray which is made to collect all the grease and drippings. There won’t be any maintenance issue when you will use this grill, and it also comes with three years of warranty.


    • Compact design for easy portability
    • Steel cooking area
    • High-quality propane burner
    • No issues of assembly
    • Locking lid


    • It won’t be perfect for big families

    2. Hamilton Beach searing grill

    The people who want to put their hands on the best grills under 300 can check out this amazing Hamilton grill. Anyone who’s looking for an adjustable grill temperature can purchase this product. It can provide you ultimate grilling benefits. You can easily enjoy grilling for the entire year. The best thing is that you can keep an eye while cooking food in it.

    This product is quite easier to clean, and it would take a few minutes to clean it. You can also wash the trays in the dishwasher without any problem. The large tray would catch all juices, and nothing would spill on your counter. You can know more about this product in the given points.


    • Portable griller
    • Perfect juicy food
    • No maintenance problems
    • Easy to cook
    • Best for beginners


    • Not for big families or parties

    3. Weber Q1200 propane grill

    Anyone who wants to buy the best gas grill under 300 can have a look at this product. This product has got a steel burner which has solid construction. The cast-iron grates of this product have got an aluminum body that is available with an in-built thermometer. With the removable pan and nylon frame, this product has got the best services. The lid can be closed tightly, and there won’t be any issues with this product.

    It has got electric ignition with infinite burner settings. You can get the cylinder separately, and the assembly of this product isn’t very difficult. You just need to use the BILT app to assemble the parts to make the grill. This product has got a thermometer so that the users can know about the temperature and will check the food according to it. The price of the product is affordable because of the compact design. Almost every homeowner can have this griller because it is small in size and can be kept in small areas without any problem.


    • Steel burner and large cooking space
    • High-quality iron grates
    • Electric ignition
    • Best quality burner
    • In-built thermometer


    • Affordable prices

    4. Weber original charcoal grill

    It is necessary for every homeowner to ave grill at home because it can allow you to grill all kinds of food at home. It has got durable construction so that it lasts long. You don’t need to worry about the quality of the product because it is perfect. It has got a superb cleaning system so that you can grill food with perfect hygiene. Both beginners and advanced level people can make food on a charcoal grill.

    This product can help you to make thirteen burgers with ease. With an easy cleaning system, you don’t have to worry about the maintenance of this product. It comes with an ash catcher, which is removable. The porcelain lid of this product can retain heat for a longer time. If you want to know more about this product, then you can have a look at the pros and cons of it.


    • Temperature adjustments available
    • Porcelain strong lid
    • Easy grilling
    • No maintenance issues
    • Assembly instructions free


    • Not very large cooking area

    5. Coleman Roadtrip propane grill

    Anyone who wants to invest in the best smoker grill can buy a high-quality propane grill. It has got strong grilling power so that you can be able to cook tasty food. With 20000 BTUs power, it can make it easy for you to cook delicious food. With three adjustable burners, it comes with high quality so that users can control temperature comfortably. It has a large grilling space with 285 square inches.

    This product can be set up easily because of the easily foldable legs. The wheels of this grill will make it easier for you to shift it from one place to another without any difficulty. It has got side shelves where you would find steel inserts. The matchless lighting of this product comes with a push-button feature. The users will have to buy a propane cylinder for this grill.


    • Push-button lighting ignition
    • High grilling power
    • Adjustable burners for the user
    • Large space for grilling food
    • Easy to set up the grill


    • You won’t get a propane cylinder with it.

    6. Coleman Roadtrip Propane grill

    Whether you want to have grilled Mexican food or you want to enjoy grilled meat, you can cook anything on the Coleman grill. This amazing product has got the best cooking power with 11000 BTUs. With the dual adjustable burners, this product has got a superb temperature control option. It won’t be difficult for you to manage the temperature of the food when you are cooking it. This will ensure better cooking as compared to other grills available in the market.

    It has got easy folding legs so that you can set up this product easily. It has also got wheels so that it can be easier to shift it from one place to another. It provides matchless lighting with a push-button ignition option. It has got 16 oz. of the proper cylinder, which you can buy separately. Whenever you are buying a product, you always look for a guarantee and these products come with three years of warranty.


    • 11000 BTUs cooking power
    • Dual adjustable burners
    • Big grilling space for you
    • Three years warranty
    • Easy setup of the grill


    • Not for commercial kitchens

    7. George Foreman electric grill

    Are you planning to get a good quality grill? If yes, then it is crucial that you look forward to getting this amazing electric grill. This is one of the best grills under 300 because it can serve fifteen people at once. It has a big circular grilling area so that you can cook lots of food at once. You don’t need to prepare food again and again because you can do it faster with this product. It has got a non-stick coating, which is great if you stay worried about sticking food on the plates of the griller.

    The best thing about non-stick coating is that you don’t need to worry about cleaning and maintenance also. You can use a healthier alternative of food because you don’t need to apply oil or ghee while grilling food on a non-stick surface. It has got an outdoor/indoor stand, which can be removed as per your requirement. You can place it anywhere in your home and start grilling the tastiest stuff. It has got an adjustable temperature option so that your food stays perfect.


    • Non-stick tough coating
    • Fifteen servings
    • Removable stand for portability
    • Temperature control is easy
    • Electric system


    • There are no wheels on this product.

    8. Masterbuilt tabletop grill

    Cooking food on a grill can be quite fun because you get to eat tastier food, and no one grills every day. If you want to eat special food at home without spending money at restaurants, then you can get a grill at your home. This grill by Masterbuilt brand is quite amazing as it has got a large cooking surface of 288 square inches. You can be sure that you can cook food for 7 to 8 people at once on this grill.

    It has got a high-quality steel burner so that the heat distribution is perfect. Portability plays a major role when you are buying a new cooking appliance, and this product comes with folding legs, and you can move the grill easily. It has also got a locking lid for ultimate protection. The warming rack of this product has got chrome coating. The cooking grates have got steel construction, which can ensure high durability.


    • Large cooking surface area
    • Stainless steel durability
    • The high-quality warming rack
    • Ignition light burner
    • Portable


    • It isn’t the largest grill

    9. Royal Gourmet office smoker

    If you have the hobby of cooking delicious cuisines, then you would be happy to receive this smoker. This product can be easily assembled and has got a big cooking surface. The most amazing thing is that you can also grill food on it. It has got steel grates for cooking food and has also got a warming rack. You will get some extra cooking area along with cooking grates. It has got a side door that is perfect for adding charcoal.

    With the air vents of this smoker, it becomes easier to maintain airflow while cooking food. The lid of this product is quite heavy and made from strong material. The professional thermometer can let you know about the exact temperature so that your food isn’t ruined. The cool handle of this smoker allows you to handle it even when the smoker is hot. The damper of this smoker is adjustable and ensures great airflow. The charcoal pan of this appliance has a big capacity, and one can also adjust the charcoal height to heat the food. There is a steel mesh at both bottom and topsides with lots of space.


    • Steel grates are durable
    • Large charcoal pan
    • Griller and smoker both
    • Lots of space
    • Temperature thermometer available


    • Large in size

    10. Char-Broil propane burner grill

    In order to prepare delicious cuisines, you can use good quality griller. This product is quite amazing because it has got 280 sq. inches of area to cook food. It has got grates with a porcelain coating. The durability of this product is quite commendable, and there are no chances that you will regret using this grill.

    You won’t regret buying this product before it is one of the best grills under 300. You must focus on buying a griller which has strong burners, and this product come with high-quality steel burners which will last for a long time. The cooking performance of these burners is also amazing. It has got a firebox with a steel lid so that it is protected from weather conditions.


    • Medium cooking area
    • High quality steel burners
    • Firebox lid for coverage
    • Perfect ignition system
    • Conventional cooking system


    • Can’t be used for many guests